Didaskalia Alexandrias (DA) is a Cyprus based nonprofit organisation created to revive Emotive Culture in youth and adults within the region. This Heart Culture has been the focus of attention of Eastern  Mediterranean Traditions since pre-Socratic times and throughout the early Christian era and Middle Ages, as they recognized its necessity for balancing our chaotic psyche, creating Real human beings, great leaders and giving strong roots to the heroic soul.
DA recognizes that heart education is almost totally neglected in our modern society which cares only for intellectual and physical education. Accordingly DA provides a variety of ways to overcome this imbalance:

Publishes online books at the Graduate level of Emotive Culture

Offers Emotive Culture Programs: Heliopolis Youth Culture

Gives access to a specialized Library including many of the greatest works from the world’s Traditions

Provides a Residency for researchers in similar fields


To provide an Emotive Education: modern society cares only for an intellectual and motor/instinctive formation in youth through schooling, technique and sport, to help them succeed in their careers, but it neglects their Heart, leaving its education to hazard. D.A’s Mission is to balance their psyche by providing this Heart education in a graded way similar to modern education, from kindergarten to university.


To spread through the eastern Mediterranean region by way of independent non-profit projects the elementary principles of a complete Knowledge Gnosis, that awakens the Heart, with its grounded Traditional understanding of the human being as he is and as he can in certain conditions become. Believing that this will awaken in some the passion to seek more in-depth Traditional teachings adapted to their specific psyches.

Heliopolis Youth Culture

Modern education is necessary for refining our Intellect
and Cultural education for refining our Heart.

Our Mottos

Conscious Efforts

The effort at maintaining “Double attention” in whatever one is doing or focusing on. Such attention is double, since it focuses on the object on which my attention is directed as well as on myself as subject. This covers the complete range of waking consciousness, from drinking a cup of coffee or doing one’s daily work, to praying or meditating. It is also known as Presence or Wakefulness.

Being Useful

Is “Doing what needs to be done” to help young people grow all their latent psychological predispositions in order to achieve psychic balance. By growing and developing their Heart alongside their intellects, they can become the New, hoped for, evolved human type who can lead us past these chaotic times into a New Era.

The Era of Art

A coming era where Truth and Consciousness are the norm and where every evolving human being is as an artist in the highest sense: Self-consciously painting the canvas of his or her own soul and beautifying the environing world by bringing into our concrete world whether material or psychological, the influence of Spiritual ideals.The myth of Pygmalion and Galatea is a symbol of such Art.