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University of the Heart

While Heliopolis Youth Culture may be considered the schooling of emotive culture, studying these books can be considered the university level of emotive culture.

D.A. does not presume to teach at this level, but simply provides such books, along with a specialized library, that could serve as a guide and point of departure for adults keen on their own Heart culture. It is undoubted that those who show perseverance in these matters, soon find further guidance in the Tradition most suited to their cultural upbringing and psychological predisposition.

This is one aspect of the old dictum “When the student is ready the Master arrives”.


Gnosis in Greek Volume 1

Μελέτη και σχόλια στην εσωτερική παράδοση της Ανατολικής Ορθοδοξίας
by Boris Mouravieff

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Correspondence with Archbishop Makarios is to prove that the Head of the Autocephalic Church of Cyprus had the utmost appreciation for deep Christian Philosophy. Didaskalia Alexandrias is apolitical and holds no views whatsoever with regard to contemporary politics, and here DA makes reference strictly to His Beatitude’s thoughts regarding Theology and Spiritual philosophy.