Didaslakia Alexandrias

The teaching of Alexandria

The great library of Alexandria

The great Library of Alexandria was inaugurated at the time of Ptolemy II, the son of Ptolemy I, a Macedonian Greek general of Alexander the Great, who founded the Ptolemaic Kingdom in Egypt after the death of Alexander. Alexandria thereafter became the old world’s center of learning and academic research, as its huge library provided the first proper library catalog, called the Pinakes, which Callimachus composed in the third century BC.

As for Alexander the Great, he was considered by the early Christian thinkers, as well as later by Islam, to be a Saint. This in the sense that he was missioned by God to prepare the adequate ground in which Christianity could be established three centuries later through Jesus Christ, and flourish in the following centuries by the work of His disciples and their disciples.

A most constructive, third generation disciple, and one of the great early Fathers of the Church, Clement of Alexandria, established what were the Schools of Alexandria, of which the body of teachers and students were known as the Didascalium. It was this great Saint who thought it was of utmost importance for believers to also be educated in philosophy so as to make it the servant of their Faith, rather than its enemy.

In the same spirit, at our humble measure, D.A. attempts to provide solutions for our modern day:

By giving free online access to Gnosis, D.A. invites spiritual growth in adults interested in the deepest Orthodox Christian teachings, which also provide a common denominator with all other esoteric Traditions from both East and West.

Heliopolis Youth Culture makes available hands on programs for teenagers with a view to culturing their Emotive Faculties. If the study of Gnosis can be likened to the university level for the Heart, the programs of HYC are equivalent to schooling, from kindergarten to high-school. These programs fall under the categories “Unmask your Heart”, ‘Unharden your Heart”, and “Enlighten your Heart”.

D.A.’s Library of 4000 books (Dr. Fouad Ramez Library), is a specialized library of philosophy and esoterism, created to assist in spiritual growth.

A Residency is made available for individuals interested in establishing similar entities or programs as those of HYC, which have been detailed online.

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