Schooling of the Heart

Overlapping Emotive Disciplines

We have said that our goal is the growth of emotive culture to counterbalance intellectual education, in order to have an equilibrated psyche. In youth we attempt to do this by overlapping Art, Global Issues and Philosophy, in a graded way that allows the heart to first open up and then react to an adequate targeted education.

At the Kindergarten, or Unmask your Heart, level, the youth is invited to search out issues that resound with him or her, whether they be of a global or psychological nature, and to express artistic play and emotion over those issues, in a collaborative project.

At the Primary, or Unharden your Heart, level, a specific global issue is proposed as a group project, whether theatrical or literary, through which the group members need to study, concentrate and interact over the chosen topic, which must inevitably deal with attitudes towards rectification of a flagrant injustice.

At the Secondary, or Enlighten your Heart, level, the direction is predominantly philosophical. Collaborative projects, whether literary or artistic are here based on the philosophic dictum “Know Thyself”.

Community awareness is of the essence

The inestimable support of Paralimni Municipality and Xenion Education
has put HYC's local program in immediate motion