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Heliopolis Youth Culture

HYC aims at creating cultural growth in teenagers through a synthetic approach to Art, Philosophy and Global Issues; an approach by which all three disciplines overlap. Faith and Intelligence need a middle ground to unite them. This is the function of HYC’s Emotive Culture, focusing on Art for the appreciation of Beauty, Philosophy for grasping Spiritual things, and Global Issues for developing Altruism. Besides the philosophy Residency mentioned in DA, HYC intends in its second phase, to provide two residencies for foreign artists. These are not only for the benefit of the artists, but for the benefit of the community, both adult and young, and its exposure to artists of different cultural backgrounds.

Cultural Program






Global Issues

The Purpose of HYC

This program is created with a view to assisting, albeit in a tiny degree, the advent of the “New Man”. That is to say assisting, in the very first steps, young men and women, who have innate predispositions, the growth and development of which is crucial to forming adequate leaders, who can bring us across the dangerous storms of the transitional phase we are all experiencing. Such leaders are not swayed by material factors, political ambitions, etc… With developed intellectual and emotive faculties and a rectitude of spirit, they are the ones who can help us reach the new historical Era we are entering despite ourselves. This new Era will be as different from our present era, as our present era is different from the Middle Ages.

In the Middle Ages the “man of elite” was the knight, endowed with great physical prowess and an equally great emotive disposition. During the present era, which started with Descartes, and was confirmed by the French and later the industrial revolution, the “elite” became those with refined intellects, capable of prompting civilization forward, with the least physical effort. But in doing so they gained in pride and gradually discarded the old emotive faculties until those became practically forgotten; such are the heart’s faculties, the hearth of morality.

As for the era, at the entry of which we stand, it demands of its elite, beside the intellectual faculties, the full range of emotive faculties. We did mention that those faculties have become almost totally ignored in our time and their education left to hazard. Yet it should be obvious to anyone, that reviving and reeducating those emotive faculties is most crucial, in a world which while getting smaller with the advance of technology, brings human problems to our doorstep, from pandemics, to refugee crises, to global warming, and the list is unending…

Let us stress

The emotive lethargy, which we have grown into and which we allow our children to casually adopt, does not, in the final account, safeguard us from those “Real” problems. It is this hardness of heart, based on “me” and “mine” (on both the individual and the inter-national level) with no regard for the needs of others, that has provoked two world wars and is pushing our world towards a still greater Catastrophe. The Planet sends loud messages but we freely choose to ignore them until we become practically deaf and can hear them no more.

This Website is therefore an effort, at the measure of our ability (based on the teachings of older times when the heart was of paramount value), to provide a free cultural curriculum for those who wish to establish similar programs, aimed at keeping the emotive faculties of youth from falling into such lethargy. Its primary focus is helping youth who are pursuing secondary schooling and later university education and thus refining their intellectual faculties to a high degree, to find an adequate emotive complement, so as to maintain balance in their growth.

It is offered freely and with a willingness from its founders to assist, only on condition that the contents thereof are followed integrally and not randomly and offered to youth at no profit.

Community awareness is of the essence

The inestimable support of Paralimni Municipality and Xenion Education has put HYC's local program in immediate motion