Unharden your Heart through Global Issues

Heliopolis Youth Culture

Ecology, Animal Rights and the great variety of human rights are issues that have been addressed since many centuries. If today we realise that they present a fulcrum threatening our very existence and that of planet Earth, yet the wise people of old warned humankind against its own abusive nature and of this terrible consequence, resulting from corruption, greed and the abuse of nature in all its forms.

Didaskalia Alexandrias chose in this context “The Animals’ Lawsuit Against Humanity”, a story written by a Sufi sect in Iraq during the 10th century, then translated 300 years later to Latin by a rabbi for king Charles d’Anjou of France. 

The morals within the story which were deeply embraced by all three monotheistic religions are of crucial significance today, and for this reason we thought to adapt the story into a play (mainly for children but with a profound message for all). It was first adapted in Egypt in Arabic by ACT, a professional theatre company and then in English by the same company. But when we came to do it in Cyprus in Greek, we opted to venture in the great adventure of letting youth take full charge under a talented director for whom this was his debut. In all three adaptations humour was paramount to pass all the messages in an enjoyable fashion. 

With the 3 adaptations, we provide a tool for school children throughout the area to either watch the play and learn its message or readapt it themselves as was done in Cyprus into school plays that would help them live the full experience.

For the evolving older members, phase 2 focuses on the higher purpose, Charter structure and activities of the United Nations. In a collaborative project that overlaps Art with Creative Writing, the participants will first study, then present their vision towards a more just and effective world order that can guide us through this difficult transitional phase.