Residency Programs

Didaskalia Alexandrias

Our first program is directed to individuals who are pursuing research in esoteric philosophy. It will have a duration of three-to-six months, between September 2021 and March 2022, and will receive applications immediately.

This philosophy residency has been developed with the purpose of providing resident (max capacity 2) the opportunity to research and study in a quiet, secluded environment, away from all distractions, and with access to a formidable Archive Library. The location provided is a domicile in a country setting in Paralimni, Cyprus, 400 meters from the library. More details to be provided with the response to the Application Letter (consisting of personal introduction and present field of research).

The second residency (that will be offered in conjunction with elaborating a greater cultural program with Paralimni Municipality) will provide opportunities for local and international visual artists to undertake creative work, conduct research, engage in collaborative art projects, etc. We plan to offer this studio program for winter 2022 on a year round basis.

The length of this residency will be five weeks (max capacity 2). Art Residents will be provided with studio space and work facilities.  At the end of the program, residents will be encouraged to participate in local activities and events (Showcase their work, and provide Open studios). More details of this program will be provided in due course.

Please note that Didaskalia Alexandrias will be seeking EU cultural funding for its Residency Programs in order to be able to offer its residencies free of cost in the future. At present we will strive to keep the program fee at basic cost in order to make the Residency accessible to all possible applicants.

Applicants are asked to send their Application, by way of an Artist Intro, to

Replies to applicants will be within 8 weeks.